Social Internship Programme


The Directorate of Education has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ladli foundation trust, a National award winning organization in Special Consultative status with the UN, for facilitating effective strategies to implement and monitor suitable interventions to overcome malnutrition.

An exclusive Action Research Based Social Internship program has been framed by Ladli Foundation for the Students of 11 th standard studying in Government schools, Government-aided schools,private schools of Delhi, on voluntary basis All participating Students are allotted some tasks, to do in phases. These tasks are centered around the topic nutrition, importance of nutrition in humans, malnutrition, and volunteering. These tasks are mainly focussed to develop leadership skills, time-management skills, administrative skills, confidence, along with giving them wisdom on the importance of nutrition and healthy living. These tasks also aim to digitally equip the students which is the need of the hour, in the current technology driven world. This approach provides students with a practical and theoretical understanding of the topic, promoting experiential learning.

Key Interventions

Our Impact

  • More than 760 schools of Delhi have participated in this action research based social internship program

  • More than 3700 students are a part of this program. In terms of impact, all these 3700+ participating students, their fellow mates, and their families have been positively impacted by this internship

  • Everybody has been sensitized on the importance of nutrition, issue of malnutrition, and effects of malnutrition on the human body.(SENSITIZED ON MALNUTRITION)

  • By assigning tasks like writing articles on malnutrition and creating posters, students are made aware of the impact of malnutrition and how it can be addressed through simple dietary interventions. (AWARENESS ON MALNUTRITION)

  • The tasks assigned to students, such as conducting a workshop on malnutrition in their school, provide them with an opportunity to develop skills like leadership, administration, communication, and confidence.(INSTILLED LEADERSHIP QUALITIES)

  • Tasks like creating and posting slogans and posters on LinkedIn and Twitter accounts emphasize the need for students to be technologically updated in this fast-growing digital world.(EXPANDED THE CREATIVE FIELD OF STUDENTS)

  • By carrying out a volunteer activity of their choice, students are encouraged to reflect on the social challenges in their community and take the first step towards addressing them.

  • A perfect amalgamation of theoretical and practical works in this social internship aims to build up their knowledge, personality and various other skills as well as defeat malnutrition. (HOLISTIC GROWTH OF THE INDIVIDUAL)