This Project is dedicated to offering free education to 5000 children residing in impoverished slums and facing financial hardships. Additionally, we will equip them with reading materials, writing tools, and stationary kits to enhance their learning experience. We will provide mobile classrooms, where our dedicated team will visit these communities, imparting essential knowledge in reading, writing, and arithmetic, ensuring an enriching and empowering educational journey for every child .


In India, around 30% of the population lives in poverty, with children bearing the brunt. Approximately 65 million people reside in slums, where access to education is limited. According to UNICEF, about 5.3% of children aged 6-17 are out of school. Despite progress, slum literacy rates lag behind the national average of 74.04%. Many children lack essential learning materials like books and stationery. This project will provide more than 5000 children with education and stationary needs .


Our project provides free education to 5000 children in poverty and slum areas. Through mobile classrooms, we bring learning directly to their communities, overcoming barriers of access. By supplying books, stationery kits, and teaching materials, we ensure a conducive learning environment. Our curriculum focuses on essential skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic, empowering children with knowledge for a brighter future.


The project will tackle these challenges by providing free education to 5000 children in poverty and slum areas. By addressing educational disparities and offering opportunities for learning, we will break the cycle of poverty, uplift communities, and give every child the chance to thrive and succeed.

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Ensure 5 children are completely immunized against preventable deadly diseases through the govt system