We Are the Crusader Against Victimization

Ladli Foundation is a grassroots-level non-profit organization known for implementing highly impactful & innovative social initiatives to uplift vulnerable people in urban & rural slums. The organization is granted special consultative status in United Nations ECOSOC and conferred with the National Award by Govt. of India for directly serving over one million beneficiaries through its action-research-based projects by promoting sustainable living for achieving UN SDGs.

Our Initiatives


E-Pathanshala- With BYJU'S E Learning

  • Enabling Marginalized Students with Digital Education By providing Free Digital Devices & Education Materials Read More

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Saheli - Anemia Eradication Program

  • Improving Health & Hygiene vulnerable Women & Saving them from deadly transferable Diseases. Read More

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  • Educating about Safe Menstrual Practices to underprivileged women. Read More

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  • Enabling education for street children, ragpickers & child beggars at Red-Light Crossings & Slums Read More

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Punar-Utthan A covid 19 Relief Initiative

  • An initiative to support widow women / daughters who lost their Bread-Earners during Pandemic. Read More

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Project JOSH with Delhi Police

  • Diverting Youngs Boys from Drug Abuse & Crimes by Engaging them in Sports & empowering though Skill Trainings. Read More

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Shagun - A Unique Mass Wedding

  • Rehabilitating Socially Victimized Young Women through Mass Marriages. Read More

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Kanya Pujan

  • Through Project Shagun, thousands of girls could realize their dream of a Read More

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Our Impact

Till Now We Have Impacted 1628453 People

Digital Education

Marginalized Students were enabled with Digital Education & provided Free Digital Tabs & BYJU's Premium Subscription

Women's Health

Females were benefitted for Primary & Reproductive Health, Anemia Eradication &  Sensitized about MHM, STD's, HIV, TB Mental Health & Family Planning.

Gender Sensitization & Human Rights

Males were involved in Gender Sensitization though Street Plays, Half-Marathon & Seminars

Covid 19 Vaccination

Men, Women & adolescents were benefitted with COVID-19 Vaccination with the Support of Rajasthan Govt. & USAID

Pandemic Relief

Migrant Laborer's were Provided Dry Ration & Covid Protection Kit during the Pandemic in Association With Delhi Police

Hunger & Malnutrition

Laborer Mothers were Provided Milk Supply for their Newborns during the Pandemic in Association with Delhi Police

PWD Rights

Persons with disabilities were sensitized about their rights & provided employment opportunities

Drug Prevention

Young Boys and Juveniles were divert from substance abuse through Sports & YOGA


Socially victimized women were saved from prostitution & rehabilitated through mass weddings

Skill Trainings

Girls were provided Basic Education , Vocational Training for social upliftment

Covid 19 Orphans

Young Girls & Women who lost their bread earners during pandemic were provided Skill Training and Job Placements

Social Adoption

Adolescents girls were socially adopted for providing Health & Education

Registration For Free BYJU'S Premium Subscription For Govt. Schools & Marginalized Students.

Enabling Digital Education for Marginalized Students

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Dignitaries Testimonials

Having our Mega Events and Activities witnessed by Union Ministers, Celebrities, Diplomats, Head of Government Departments & prominent dignitaries is always highly motivating for us to fuel our passion and it makes our effort worthwhile.

We help thousands of women and children
provide security, medication, education to them in free.

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Our Strength

The Way Ahead (5 Year Goals)

1 Lac

Women will be diverted to use Menstrual Cup instead of Sanitary Napkins.

1 Lac

Disadvantage Children will be Enabled With Digital Literacy with BJYU's.

2 Lac

Young Boys will be diverted from Drugs and Crimes By Involving them in sports along with Skill Development.

1 Lac

Women will be Provided Primary Healthcare and Anemia Eradication.

5 Lac

Women will Be sensitized About MHM, WASH and STD's.

5 Lac

Men will be provided Gender Sensitisation Training.