This an ongoing program actively working to rehabilitate 1000 Slum Boys entangled in drug abuse and criminal activities by immersing them in sports and recreational pursuits. Through skill development and employment opportunities, our distinctive MDI approach-Motivate, Divert, and Involve-strives to guide them through STEP: Sensitization, Transformation, Employment, and Prevention.


In urban Indian slums, approximately 15-20% people engage in drug abuse, with a significant number aged between 15 to 35 . Poverty, illiteracy , family problems, exposure to violence, and Unemployability make these young boys vulnerable. Drug abuse amongst these young boys leads to theft ,robbery ,and organized crimes .This is a challenging situation specially in slums where there is minimum law enforcement .


This project will involve these young minds into productive activities like sports ,dance ,theatre ,skill trainings where they will get motivated to pursue their interests ,rather than getting involved in drugs and substance abuse they will divert there energies to something useful ,and when they will start getting job opportunities it will be a great motivation for them to give a better direction to their lives .


This project will empower around 1000 delinquents allowing them to live a better life and rise out of poverty and drugs .Not only these 1000 delinquents but their families , will also come out of those mental traumas ,when your kid is involved in criminal activities family face a lot from society .Our project will help them become useful and productive citizens .

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Ensure 5 children are completely immunized against preventable deadly diseases through the govt system