Eve teasing is a pervasive social issue that plagues women on a daily basis, encompassing a range of behaviors from verbal harassment to physical assault. Unfortunately, society has often overlooked or normalized this problem, contributing to a culture of harassment and gender-based discrimination.

However, the street play Dastak boldly confronts and denounces Eve teasing and sexual aggression in all its forms. Through the use of sensitive and powerful scenes, the play portrays the profound impact of Eve teasing on the lives of women and urges the public to take a firm stance against such harassment. It refuses to shy away from addressing the normalization of rape culture and challenges problematic Bollywood dialogues and songs that perpetuate casual sexism.

By depicting the harsh realities of Eve teasing, Dastak aims to raise awareness and encourage the public to acknowledge the severity of the issue. The play empowers women by encouraging them to speak out against harassment and assert their rights. It provides a platform for open dialogue and education, fostering an environment where discussions about this critical issue can take place.

Through its powerful performances and thought-provoking narratives, Dastak challenges the status quo and encourages individuals to reflect on their own behaviors and attitudes. It aims to transform mindsets and promote gender equality by highlighting the importance of consent, respect, and dignity for all.

Dastak serves as a catalyst for change, aiming to dismantle the societal norms that enable Eve teasing and create a safer and more respectful environment for women. By shedding light on the harmful effects of harassment, the play strives to cultivate empathy, understanding, and a collective responsibility to address the issue.