It's an initiative to motivate privileged sections of the society to modify their version of Kanya Pujan and practice the Sustainable Kanya Pujan. To ensure that Kanya Pujan rituals are meaningful and sustainable, we have implemented several steps.

Instead of simply giving monetary offerings during Kanya Pujan, the initiative provides six months of education material to the girls as a return gift. This educational support is repeated annually until the girl reaches the age of nine, ensuring that she receives continuous access to learning resources that can contribute to her overall development.

In addition to providing education materials, the girls are also educated on essential topics such as good touch-bad touch and menstrual health and hygiene during their visits. This empowers them with knowledge and awareness, helping them make informed decisions and navigate their personal lives with confidence. Furthermore, to support their menstrual hygiene needs, sanitary kits are provided, addressing an important aspect of their well-being.

Recognizing the importance of overall health, the initiative takes responsibility for the girls' annual health check-ups. This ensures that their physical well-being is monitored and any potential health issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Visiting the girl's home at least twice a year is also part of our initiative to boost their morale and protect them from exploitation or harmful practices like child marriage. We provide them with our contact number for emergencies and motivate their parents to support their education and skill development.

Through the implementation of these comprehensive steps, the Sustainable Kanya Pujan initiative seeks to transform the traditional ritual into a sustainable practice that empowers girls, provides them with essential resources, safeguards their well-being, and supports their education and personal development.