Mr. Devendra Kumar

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Devendra Kumar, a self-made social reformer, emerged from a crime-prone slum where he and his infant sister were abandoned. Enduring poverty and adversity, he overcame challenges to establish the Ladli Foundation, focusing on vulnerable populations. Honored with national awards and praised by multiple Indian Presidents, his gender sensitization initiatives, recognized by the UN Secretary-General, showcase his global impact. He's a prominent policy analyst, speaker, and founder of the Ladli Foundation USA and the South and East Asia Foundation. He is not just a diplomat but a catalyst for gender-sensitive societal reform, fostering inclusivity worldwide. His mantra, Society is like a Canvas, It's you who need to paint it beautifully, fuels his commitment to transformative leadership and inclusive change.

Adv. Pankhuri Singhal

Addl. Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Pankhuri Singhal, an accomplished jurisprudential scholar, possesses an unwavering ardor for championing the cause of vulnerable segments of society. With a distinguished legal pedigree, she has honed her expertise through rigorous academic pursuits. Her professional trajectory is distinguished by her fervent commitment as a grassroots-level social reformer and perceptive action-research development connoisseur. Ms. Singhal's transformative initiatives have emancipated countless women and children dwelling within the fringes of society from ignorance, empowering them with knowledge of their inherent rights. Her legacy of impactful workshops and sensitization camps has catalyzed the dawn of equitable rights and opportunities for over one lakh beneficiaries, thereby mitigating transgressions and fostering dignified livelihoods.

CA Pankaj Jain

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Pankaj Jain, a Senior Chartered Accountant based in Delhi, has built a strong reputation as a highly accomplished and customer-focused professional. He is known for his exceptional skills and dedication in serving his clients.With over 20 years of experience in the field, he possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of financial management and has consistently prioritized client engagement throughout his career.

Ms. Sushmita Das Pattnaik


Partnerships & Organization Development

Susmita Das Pattnaik is an accomplished professional in the Social Development Sector, with 21 years of expertise in Business Development, Program Management, and Advocacy. She specializes in Public Health, Education, and Climate Action. Notable for her skills in Partnership Development and Specialized Program Management, she has held key positions at organizations including CARE India, GRAAM, HLFPPT, and others. Her academic qualifications include a Master's in Business Administration and Anthropology and a Bachelor's in Journalism & Mass Communication.

Ms. Kamini Vaid



Ms. Kamini Vaid stands as a dynamic force in the realm of social transformation. Armed with a master's degree in Social Work, she channels her educational background into an unwavering commitment to address intricate social challenges, championing justice and empowerment for marginalized communities. Her resolute dedication finds expression in her visionary endeavors, such as pioneering workshops and counseling sessions to establish sustainable menstrual health practices. Ms. Vaid's expertise extends to proficient organizational and managerial skills, evidenced through project execution, budget management, and effective stakeholder collaboration. Her impactful contributions have garnered international recognition, including the esteemed Diana Award from the UK Government, alongside commendation by the Delhi Commissioner of Police, underlining her fervor for uplifting disadvantaged women. Currently spearheading communications and operations at Ladli Foundation Trust, she personifies a transformative leadership spirit.

Adv. Rohit Khurana



A distinguished law graduate, Mr. Rohit commands an extensive purview of litigation matters nationwide, exemplifying his comprehensive legal acumen. As a partner at a prestigious leading law firm, he is instrumental in navigating multifaceted legal scenarios. His educational journey culminated in a Master's in Corporate and Finance Law from India's preeminent university. Beyond his professional engagements, he selflessly dedicates his expertise to legal research, advisory, and court representation. Mr. Khurana's altruistic spirit shines through his active involvement in initiatives aimed at empowering the marginalized, aligning seamlessly with the organization's overarching goals.

Ms. Mithlesh


Community Mobilization

Possessing a master's degree in Sanskrit, Ms. Mithlesh stands as a stalwart in the realm of community development, equipped with profound insights into its principles and practices. Her educational prowess is complemented by years of invaluable teaching experience. Adept at fostering impactful communication and armed with exceptional interpersonal acumen, she navigates the intricate tapestry of cultural and social dynamics within the community. Ms. Mithlesh's dedication finds manifestation in her relentless pursuit of advocating girl education as an inherent entitlement. Recognitions, including the esteemed Dr. Ambedkar National Award, underscores her sterling grassroots contributions, alongside the distinguished Vagdhara Navratna Samman bestowed by the esteemed Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari ji.

Mr. Kaushal Jha


Accounts & Compliances

Mr. Jha, an aspiring law graduate, undertakes the pivotal role of overseeing the organizational accounts and finances. Drawing from a robust comprehension of accounting principles, he adeptly navigates financial management practices. His experience spans financial reporting and compliance within the nonprofit sector, substantiating his expertise. Adept in organizational and analytical realms, he synergizes seamlessly with fellow team members to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of financial operations. This amalgamation of profession, experience, and educational pursuit forms the foundation of his impactful contribution.

Mr. Shekhar Kumar



Mr. Shekhar Kumar, in the pursuit of a Masters in Social Work, concurrently serves as the Manager and Admin at Ladli Foundation. His role encompasses sterling organizational and leadership aptitude, honed through his hands-on experience in staff management and administrative oversight. Collaboratively engaging with program personnel and senior leadership, he orchestrates administrative functions to synergize with the organization's mission. Mr. Kumar's fiscal acumen is showcased through adept budgetary management and resource allocation, harmonizing cost-efficiency with the overarching strategic blueprint.

Ms. Ooshmita Sagar


Research & Partnerships

As a health professional, Ooshmita has experience in public health, digital health and knowledge management. She has delivered solutions for the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission and other public and private sector pursuits in Public Health. She has also worked in grants as well as curated and disseminated knowledge assets for various practice areas in healthcare and pharma. She holds a Master in Public Health from TISS Mumbai and a Bachelor in Pharmacy from DIPSAR New Delhi. She is a leadership enthusiast and enjoys volunteering and travel.

Ms. Surbhi Singh


Communication & Partnerships

Surbhi Singh, a seasoned media professional with a strong background in public relations and TV production. With a career spanning several years, Surbhi has honed her skills in crafting effective publicity strategies, managing media relations, and orchestrating successful campaigns. Her experience includes engaging with both central and state government bodies, showcasing her ability to navigate complex landscapes and communicate effectively at various levels. As Communication Head at Ladli Foundation, Surbhi Singh is poised to make a meaningful difference by effectively conveying the organization's message, driving awareness, and engaging with the community.

Mr. Ajay Pandey



A proficient B. Com. Graduate with a diploma in Finance, Mr. Ajay is a seasoned authority in formulating and executing procurement strategies congruent with the organization's vision. With a command over the intricacies of procurement, he spearheads the purchasing ecosystem. His prowess extends to sourcing, procurement, and contract negotiation, harmonizing organizational requisites. Mr. Ajay's proficiency in supplier relations management ensures timely provisioning of goods and services, embodying his rich professional background, practical experience, and educational prowess.

Dr. Simran Arora


Public Health

Dr. Simran, endowed with a master's degree in Public Health and a foundational grounding in homeopathy during her graduation, possesses a holistic capacity to assess, redress, and champion the health requisites of communities on an expansive canvas. Her educational trajectory augments her potential to effectuate positive transformations in public health. In her capacity as a Public Health Coordinator at Ladli Foundation Trust, she orchestrates desk-based research, literature critiques, technical proposition formulation, and the synchronization of health-centric initiatives, epitomizing the synthesis of profession, experience, and education.

Mr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj


Software Engineering

Ms. Alisha Arora


International Relations

Alisha Arora, a passionate advocate for social change, has spearheaded transformative initiatives across diverse roles. As the International Communication Co-Ordinator at Ladli Foundation, she aligned strategies with global goals, orchestrated campaigns, and fostered collaborations with international organizations. Her versatility shines through crafting compelling proposals, conducting data analysis, and adeptly managing SEO efforts. A natural leader, Alisha's unwavering commitment to catalyzing local and global transformation is evident in her actions, embodying the essence of effective communication, versatile leadership, and profound impact.

Ms. Anandi Chib


School Programs

Anandmayi Chib is a dedicated social worker with a passion for creating positive change. Her academic credentials encompass a Master of Social Work, a Master of History, and a Bachelor of Education. Anandmayi’s commitment to social causes is evident in her work with Ladli Foundation Trust, focusing on a project addressing malnutrition in Delhi government schools. Her skills include research, data analysis, project coordination, and community engagement. With a rich background in NGOs like Sangini Saheli and DASTAK, Anandmayi brings expertise in sanitary hygiene, health awareness, and community development. Her multifaceted experiences demonstrate a profound commitment to social welfare and empowerment.