This project will provide around 1000 government schools with computer labs with a minimum of 30 computers in each lab in remote areas as well as cities .This initiative is a step towards narrowing the digital divide and ensuring that young minds had the necessary tools for success. This is a platform for students to acquire knowledge that could open doors to various opportunities in the future.


In India, the digital divide persists, with rural areas lacking access to technology compared to urban counterparts. Only 23% of rural households have internet access, contrasting with 42% in urban areas (National Statistical Office, 2021). Rural schools suffer, with only 11.8% having computer facilities (ASER, 2020). This hampers digital literacy and limits job prospects in the technology-driven economy. This project will provide digital education to many children in schools


This project provides 1000 advanced computer centers in India ,also access to technology, bridging the urban-rural digital gap. Students, regardless of location, gain vital digital literacy skills essential for modern employment. It empowers youth for the digital economy, boosting employability and socioeconomic development. By integrating technology into education, this initiative enhances learning outcomes and prepares students for future opportunities.


The potential outcomes of this project are transformative. With 1000 advanced computer centers, India could witness a surge in digital literacy, empowering millions with essential skills for the modern economy. This initiative fosters innovation, propelling technological advancements and entrepreneurship. By bridging the urban-rural digital gap, it will promote inclusive growth and equal opportunities for all.

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