Help War Victim women of Ukraine

Help War Victim women of Ukraine

Help to rehabilitate WAR-affected Ukrainian Girls & Women to save them from Trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The year 2022 started with a severe threat of trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other dreadful consequences on Ukrainian Girls and Women due to the ongoing  Ukraine- Russia Conflict.
It is the worst fear with the biggest attack by one state against another in Europe since World War II. More than half a million people have now fled Ukraine; most are women and children. UNHCR predicts that as many as 4 million refugees will flee Ukraine if the military offensive continues. 

Till  February 28, 2022, around 500,000 people have fled Ukraine. Children have been orphaned, and women widowed with the displacement going on. This has put women and children at the risk of getting into the vicious trap of human trafficking and exploitation. 

As per the United Nations, An estimated 80,000 women will give birth in the next three months. Many of them are without access to critical maternal health care. Also, women have become widows with infants and small children; it has become a grim fight to find a shelter, fill the stomach, and survive - leading to suffering, many social crimes, child labor, child trafficking, etc. 

Acting with the utmost priority based on the humanitarian ground We all should be deeply concerned about the escalation of conflict in Ukraine, and the humanitarian needs will dramatically escalate.
Having Special Consultative Status in Economic & Social Council of United Nations Since – 2020, Ladli Foundation and its International wing Ladli Foundation USA, with its key expertise, is reaching out to WAR Victim Girls & Women for their complete rehabilitation by providing them social protection & reproductive health services in some of the hardest-to-reach areas with the Support of Govt and local stakeholders. 

It is the time to display your kind humanitarian acts, for which we are in extreme need of your urgent help today to reach more women and girls in Ukraine.

Our action focuses on the following objectives: 
•    Rehabilitation and Reintegration of WAR Victim Ukrainian Girls and Women. 
•    Helping the displaced war victims to find a safe place to live. 
•    Girls and Women will be saved from organized trafficking rackets and prostitution 
•    Pregnant women will be provided shelters and reproductive healthcare 
•    Providing them with mental health counseling for overcoming the trauma.
•    Creating livelihood opportunities for them.
•    Protection of Humanity and Human Rights both.

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