Support for Flood Effected Bangalore

Support for Flood Effected Bangalore

First time in last 32 years, Bangalore has recorded the highest rainfall in the city. Around 164 lakes in
Bengaluru have filled up with water. Monsoon mayhem wreaked havoc in Bengaluru and nearby
Heavy rains left several areas submerged. The downpour led to flooding in several areas, thereby
exposing the city infrastructure. Commuters were forced to wade in waters on the roads which were
submerged due to the rains.
The monsoon has hit the worst in 14 districts of Karnataka. As many as 115 villages are totally
flooded and about 14,902 affected people are taking shelter in relief centres. Heavy downpour and
overflow of water following a breach of lakes and an increase in outflow of water from dams
continued to wreak havoc in various parts of states.
Survivors are being evacuated by the Indian Coast Guard and thousands have been moved to relief
camps. People lost their homes, and many are stranded in wet clothes without food.
A UN report has said that women and girls are exposed to more violence during disasters. According
to the United Nations (UN) Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2022 (GAR 2022),
released earlier this week, there is a “strong correlation between the number of people affected by
disaster and the number of female victims of intentional homicide”. Besides, additional
socioeconomic and psychological stresses of disasters on affected people increase vulnerability
through indirect social impacts.

It is imperative that sudden action be taken considering women's vulnerability during natural
disasters as it takes a toll on women’s health and well-being and increases cases of gender-based
Our action focuses on the following objectives:
1. Distribution of personal hygiene kits consisting of sanitary pads, disposable bags soap.
2. Awareness to manage personal hygiene during natural disasters.
3. Distribution of Portable Water Purifier to save people from water borne diseases
4. Distribution of Required Medicines for fever, diarrhoea and cold which are common ailments
reported during such times.
5. Distribution of food in the most affected areas of Karnataka and Kerala, as starvation can be the
reason for increased gender-based violence and trafficking during natural disasters
6. Protection of humanity and human rights, both

The expected outcomes include addressing the most concerning issue related to hunger and health
that will help maintain the well-being of vulnerable people, especially women.
The most significant positive impact of this action will be giving a ray of hope society will help them
to overcome this unprecedented time.
Here we seek the support to help those who were always with us in our good and bad times. Now,
this is the time when we support them to overcome this difficult time. It is time to work to serve
humanity by doing humanitarian work. We invite you to join us in our noble deeds, and let's do
something good by Experiencing Humanity!

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