Saheli - Anemia Eradication Program

Saheli - Anemia Eradication Program

Support to Give Healthcare to Save Underprivileged Women & Children from Malnutrition, Anemia, and Deadly transferable Diseases. 


A unique community outreach program focuses on the vulnerable women & children in the marginalized section of the society who do not have access and/or knowledge about basic healthcare & Hygiene. It is designed to impact many populations who are not even aware of deadly transferable diseases, including TB/HIV/AIDS, which makes them a harmful portent to speared the same.  
We all are struggling to build a Modern India; we will not make progress if half of our population is left behind anemic, undernourished, and suffering from chronic disease due to lack of awareness.  In the backward sections of society, women and girls are still not aware of the basic precautionary steps about their health. This is due to the patriarchy, gender inequality & negligence of the society towards them & lack of education. In rural areas & lower strata, a large number of females are not given a respectable position and at times are victims of Gender-Based Violence by their drunkard counterparts. As a result, they have no access to Primary Healthcare, Education, Sanitation, and Basic Human Rights.    


After a baseline survey in targeted slums, we conduct Saheli Health Camps where medical screening and primary healthcare services are provided to the beneficiaries with prescribed IFA Supplements, Jaggery, Grams (Chana) for 90 days and personalized diet charts and Sanitary Kits. 

Monthly Interactive workshops are conducted to educate them about Menstrual Hygiene, WASH, Reproductive Health, YOGA & Mental Health to inculcate sustainable living practices.

The program follows the below trajectory:

  • 4 Months Continues intervention in three phases with Identification, Primary Healthcare, Supplement distribution & final Assessment. 
  • Conducting CBC test & Medical Screening, Deworming through primary health camp for 500 beneficiaries 
  • Monthly Interactive Counselling session along with Q&A, Distribution of Supplements & prescribed Medicines (Iron, Folic Acid, Jaggery, roasted Chana & Personal Hygiene Kits.  
  • Final Medical Screening and Impact / Outcome Assessment


The findings that we catered to from our previous Saheli activities have directly benefitted more than 3.25 lakh women. The concept of identifying severe health problems and timely medical interventions has shown astonishing results and saved them from life-threatening diseases, including eradicating Anaemia by promoting the idea of sustainable living. 

Notable outcome-: 

  • Significantly improved awareness among women about health, health-seeking behavior, and prescribed health care practices; nutritional Anaemia 
  • Correct menstrual hygiene management practices reduced pelvic infections and infertility risk;
  • Improved maternal & child health practices, safe motherhood, safe sex and spacing among children, reduced maternal and child morbidity & mortality;
  • Identifying the critical health issues / alarming situation for timely intervention. 
  • It will reduce the chances of spreading infectious diseases among the community
  • Reducing the chances of UTI, Leukocoria, STD’s and other transferable and other diseases related to not maintaining proper Hygiene.  

Maternal Knowledge of Anemia & MHM is essential because of its potential to encourage women to take iron supplements and educate the child since the mother is the child's first teacher.

The Contribution & Its Verification

Primarily we encourage you to contribute us through volunteering, rather than, Donating Money to us, But! If you are unable to join us in person, kindly support our cause to uplift the vulnerable.
We would like to invite you to experience the satisfaction of making someone smile. Someone who needs your help!  

Your contribution will be utilized to directly benefit the targeted beneficiaries. We would be grateful to you for giving us this opportunity and we ensure to use your contribution transparently. 

We invite you to attend our field activities and see the impact your contribution is making. Suppose you cannot join us in person. In that case, we can schedule a live Zoom Video Conference to participate with your family members. For the same, please send your interest and contribution details (Screenshot) at to join our activities virtually. 

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