Rahat Seva

Support to give Milk for Newborns of Domestic workers who lost jobs in pandemic
Donate To Give Dry Ration for Domestic Workers Who Lost Jobs In Pandemic

About the Cause 

It can be clearly stated that this pandemic has affected the total population severely as it has disrupted everyday living & given rise to other shadow pandemics such as Job loss, economic downfall, increasing numbers of poverty, hunger, violence against women, and disaster in the entire healthcare infrastructure. It has made domestic workers & laborers groups most vulnerable as they lost their jobs due to not being allowed in residential colonies & at workplaces. Now, these people face immense difficulties in feeding their family members, especially those newborns who are not even getting milk from their mothers due to malnutrition. 


Since the pandemic began, Ladli Foundation has been consistently working at a grassroots level through our relief activities by providing Dry Ration, Milk Supply, Sanitary Kits, Masks & Hand Wash to the Domestic & Migrants Laborers in the different slums of Delhi NCR. We have benefitted more than 1 lakh families and are continuously working in the field with the support of local police to identify the people in extreme need. Ladli Foundation Trust has launched PROJECT RAHAT SEWA for the marginalized communities. This project will have a dual role of:

  1. Distribution of Essential Food Material for Underprivileged Families
  2. Sensitizing the population about the pandemic
  3. Distributing the Mask and Personal Hygiene Kits

These two measures combined would serve as the stepping stone in fighting the pandemic that we face.

This is what Humanity truly means to stand for the ones who need support, ultimately making them stable through consistent efforts during this unwanted crisis.


The expected outcomes include addressing the most concerning issue related to hunger and malnutrition that will help maintain the body's immune system to fight with covid 19 and other life-threatening diseases. Providing Dry Ration, Milk for babies, and essential commodities will immediately relieve laborers and domestic workers who have lost their jobs. It will also play a vital role in distressing them by discouraging them to involve in antisocial or criminal activities. Concerning the people in lower strata is always essential as it is directly connected to the society's overall well-being and peace. Otherwise, it may create some unwanted situations like riots, robbery, mass killing, etc. 
The most significant positive impact of this action will be giving a ray of hope society will help them to overcome this unprecedented time.
 Here we seek the support to help those who were always with us in our good and bad times. Now, this is the time when we support them to overcome this difficult time. It is time to work to serve humanity by doing humanitarian works. We invite you to join us in our noble deeds, and let's do something good by Experiencing Humanity!

The Contribution & Its Verification

Primarily we encourage you to contribute us through volunteering, rather than, Donating Money to us, But! If you are unable to join us in person, kindly support our cause to uplift the vulnerables.
We would like to invite you to experience the satisfaction of making someone smile. Someone who needs your help!  

Your contribution will be utilized to directly benefit the targeted beneficiaries. We would be grateful to you for giving us this opportunity and we ensure to use your contribution transparently. We invite you to attend our field activities and see the impact your contribution is making.

Suppose you cannot join us in person. In that case, we can schedule a live Zoom Video Conference to participate with your family members. For the same, please send your interest and contribution details (Screenshot) at founder@ladlifoundation.com to join our activities virtually