A project to achieve U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

A WaterAid analysis of Institute of Health Metrics figures, released on International Women’s Day, identified that Illnesses related to a lack of water, basic sanitation and hygiene were responsible for the deaths of almost 800,000 women around the world in a single year – making it the fifth biggest killer of women behind heart disease, stroke, lower respiratory infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Since October 2014, over 95 Million toilets have been built all over the country but a big concern has arisen how people will maintain them? We all know that situation of public toilets in schools, collages & public places are an alarming concern and highly dangerous for women’s health. Dirty and unhygienic toilet spared infections and cross contamination that lead towards in keeping the life of women in danger with the risk of pathological leukorrhea, Uterus infection, cervical cancer etc.