Kanya Pujan

Let’s support “Sustainable Kanya-Pujan” for disadvantaged Girl's Education and Wellbeing  


The concept of Kanya Pujan motivates the masses to support Girl Education and Well-being residing in the underprivileged section by catering to their traditional belief of Navratri Kanyapujan.  

It also promotes the scientific significance of Indian tradition to work constructively for achieving UN SDGs. 

  • It is estimated that over 2.4 crore girls globally are on the verge of dropping out of school due to the Covid pandemic.  
  • In India, Literacy for females stands at 65.46%, compared to 82.14% for males.
  • Ten years after the Right to Education (RTE) Act came into being, nearly 40% of adolescent girls in the age group of 15-18 years are not attending school. While 30% of girls from the poorest families have never set foot in a classroom.

There is a great deal of virtue spoken in Hinduism that may help to demolish the hypocrisies of patriarchy and promote women's empowerment.  It is undoubtedly an essential and positive approach to address religious beliefs for behavioral changes in women empowerment.

Therefore, congruence with religion and spirituality would be pretty impactful if the goals are realized at a grassroots level in India. This innovative idea is the backbone of the KanyaPujan.


Most of us celebrate Navratri Kanyapujan twice a year and pray for prosperity and happiness in our family by worshiping young girls at our home. Continuing the same practices, we came up with an idea to motivate privileged section of the society to modify their version of Kanya Pujan and practice the Sustainable Kanya Pujan with Underprivileged Girls in the following manner – 

  • After completing the Kanya Pujan rituals, families should give six months of Education Material to the girls as a return gift instead of giving them money.
  • Request them to come again in next Navratri Kanyapujan to repeat the same till 9 years to make it Sustainable 
  • Whenever they come, educate them about Good Touch- Bad Touch, Menstrual Health & Hygiene, and provide them Sanitary kits.
  • Take responsibility for their Annual Health check-up to identify the life-threatening diseases early and provide required intervention.  
  • Support them in completing their education by depositing their school & tuition fees directly. 
  • Meet them at least twice a year by visiting their home; it will boost their morale and save them from exploitation, child marriages, and different evil practices. 
  • Give them your contact number to help them in any emergency. 
  • Motivate their parents to support their education and skill development. 

The primary aim of this program is to involve individuals in the process of worshipping girls so that their education, Health, and basic necessities are considered of utmost importance.


  • To instill the idea in privileged families, socially adopt a minimum of 2 to 9 girls for 9 years to provide health, education, and well-being. 
  • To build a concern for a girl's child's education and provide her safe space for her holistic development. 
  • To save young girls from myths, taboos, patriarchal mindsets, and evil practices are the main hurdles in empowering them. 
  • This initiative has directly impacted the lives of 3287 adolescent girls. It was launched and celebrated in 2019 in 47 Cities across India in a day. 
  • It involved lakhs of families in innovative ways of upholding their daughter's dignity and integrity and making each individual realize that they are unique and hold the future of our nation.
  • A Unique Concept encourages individuals to take responsibility for girls' well-being by performing traditional rituals in Navratri.

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