Anemia Eradication

Help Anaemic & GBV Survivor Underprivileged Females In Gaining Access To Their Right To Good Health and Wellbeing.

An initiative to help economically and socially marginalised girls in India's rural and urban slums. It aims to protect them from diseases such as Anaemia, HIV AIDS, and STDs by providing them with Primary Health Care as well as general education on Menstrual Hygiene, Sanitation, and Nutrition. We plan to accomplish this through healthcare campaigns, yoga classes, and professional counselling.

About the Cause

To battle the inhumane menstrual taboo which leads to life-threatening consequences; Ladli is on a mission of bringing attention to the vitality of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) primarily via gender sensitization, community workshops, street-plays, and healthcare camps under its flagship programme SAHELI. After a 120 Action research programme on negatively impacting issues of low menstrual health like lack of functional toilets, sanitary napkins, and menstrual awareness, anaemia, and HIV AIDS; we aim at initiating better personal hygiene and friendly relationships between mother & daughter.

After a ground-level survey & medical screening to identify the potential beneficiaries, registered individuals are provided with prescribed IFA Supplements, Jaggery, Grams (Chana) for 90 days along with personalized diet charts and Sanitary Kits. Monthly Interactive workshops are conducted to educate them about Menstrual Hygiene, WASH, Reproductive Health, and Mental Health for sustainable living. Yoga sessions, healthcare camps, professional counselling sessions are organised to help the registered individuals. A free medical screening is again done towards the end of camp to ensure the effectiveness of the programme.

Verification of Your Contribution Utilization & Tax Exemption Benefit

Your contribution to Ladli Foundation Trust is eligible for Income Tax Exemptions benefit U/S 80G of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 vide order no – DEL-LE25423-140820144 / 5283 dated 14/08/2014.  Send us Screenshot of Your Contribution to Get Receipt.
Ladli gratefully welcomes all its donors and supporters to participate in the field activities associated with the cause. To join in person or virtually, as per your preference, write to us at and our team will get in touch with you for further assistance.

Who Started & Why?

Mr. Devendra Kumar, a National Award winning Social Reformer, is the driving force behind the initiative. Mr. Kumar began his journey after his parents abandoned him at the age of two along with his 3-day-old baby sister with a paternal aunt in the extremely crime-prone slums of Delhi's "Dakshin Puri”. At the age of eight, as other children were playing with balloons, he began selling them for a living in order to support his family, who included an even younger sister and an elderly grandmother. By the age of 13, he was working as a Chhotu (Child labourer) for (less than 4 USD / INR 250 per month) while pursuing his education at Sewa Bharti Charitable School. Around the time that he was selling balloons, he was brutally kidnapped and beaten by a gang of delinquents who were addicted to drugs. After overcoming all of these tragic misfortunes, Mr. Kumar's path was redirected toward voluntary service, where he began volunteering with St. John Ambulance and the Indian Red Cross Society. Mr. Kumar was recently recognised at the United Nations' 65th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. During his live chat with United Nations Secretary General Mr. António Guterres, he was recognised by the UN Secretary General for raising his voice to prioritise the agenda of Women's Health and Child Marriage Elimination.

A brief video clip about Mr. Kumar's journey can be found here: