Women Empowerment & Livelihood


This program is design to connect the privileged section of the society for the welfare of those unprivileged who are directly associated with them as their domestic workers or on call helpers.

We encouraged the privileged section of the society to donate Health insurance and Personal Hygiene Kits to their domestic workers by following the idea of - "Charity Begins From Home" This initiative is designed to enhance the bonding between the domestic worker and employer and to sensitized them in regards to about ensure the health condition of their domestic workers and their direct communication with the life threatening transferable diseases which is prevailing in downtrodden areas due to lack of basic amenities for the underprivileged people .Number of families has adopted this idea and donated Health Insurance to their domestic workers to give them feeling of relief from sudden unbearable medical expenses and to provide them proper medical facilities as when they required. Many families were also educated their female domestic workers about maintaining personal and menstrual hygiene and also gifted them sanitary kits.


Giving a new life to socially victimized women through unique mass weddings.

Marriage is not just a ritual or an event in India, its exorbitant expense and dowry tradition has promoted social victimization and evils practices against underprivileged women and their families. But yes, here marriage is also an effective tool for providing social security for uneducated, underprivileged women to save them from exploitation & trafficking

We undertook the noteworthy task of executing mass weddings of 1753 women and criminal background verification of potential grooms also the entire expense of these weddings borne by the organization.


An Innovative Project to achieve U.N. Sustainable Development Goals in India by catering to traditional beliefs.

"Ladli Foundation launched a Mega Initiative that was celebrated in 47 Cities across India in a day and benefited 4500+ adolescent girls. The event involved the masses who pledged to socially adopt 9 underprivileged girls for 9 years to build a concern for their health, education and well-being by catering their traditional belief & rituals of Navratra Kanya Pujan Festival. The girls were provided with education material & personal hygiene kits along with primary health checkup. The aim was to promote and achieve UN sustainable goals for education, health & gender equality. This initiative was launched in the presence of internationally recognized spiritual leader & Swami Avdheshanand Giri Ji to give the message to global community and millions of his devotees to adopt the practice of this initiative for their upcoming Navratra festivals by following their rituals.