Strategic Priorities

Technical Acceleration

Our utmost focus is to develop technologically sound infrastructure, which will help us generate a more extensive social network to reach the maximum number of beneficiaries.We plan to build a team of well-equipped grassroots-level volunteers to benefit our target beneficiaries with our initiatives and successfully execute them on the field.  Our main focus is to equip our  social volunteers with technical advancements of different kind which help them procure the best results from the field and develop a sound research analysis for better implementation of projects. Also, for better coordination with government officials and local level authorities to maximize the impact and effect by ensuring sustainability.

Enhancing the Replicability

We are of the view to increase the replicability of our thriving innovations, justifying the need of society and generating an enormous social impact. We recklessly focus on growing in collaboration with organizations and partners who view the community through the same lens. Each of our initiative aims at building a continous process of social work and therefore the manner in which they are designed are easy to learn and can be implemented by anyone who believes in service and is passionate towards society making a chain of continous change and changemakers, enforcing sustainable replicability. 

Outreach and Growth

We are determined to accelerate our reach in all developing countries.  One of our main priority is to enable substantial growth to involve social enthusiasts from all over the world in our programs and allow them with skills, knowledge, and experience of the field, helping them discover the reality of our society.

Our focus is to create a chain of changemakers so that each of the changemakers becomes a hope which those in sheer need and require support and help.

Our organization has developed various strategic projects in the past. Each project is designed keeping in mind the specific kind of beneficiaries one needs to tackle. We have faced multiple challenges concerning cultural norms, inherited ideas, lack of awareness, etc. One of the main challenges was to develop the right kind of data required to establish projects and programs suitable to the needs of targeted beneficiaries. A dedicated team of skilled volunteers replaced this challenge with knowledge of methods and techniques needed to collect data, keeping in mind the norms, values, and ideas of the specific location attached to it. The main challenge to succumb was to collect authentic data with right kind of techology for which our foundation worked on involving the suitable variety of human resources and technologies required.

Growth for us also means to be able to evolve as an organisation and hence we believe in developing a constant dialogue with other countries, individual social enthusiast, self help and service groups and communities who work on the same line and understand the need to bring a sustainable and fruitful change. Therefore our goal is to grow and reach at each level of community development involving the accurate resource, human mind, technology adn above the unstoopable passion of reforming and creating better lifestyle, livlehood and living.