Research And Innovations

Ideas & Innovations: -

The organization is working with its innovative Action-Research initiatives specially designed for the holistic development and overall growth of young females belonging to under prviliged section of the society.

The organization has successfully implemented numbers of projects and provided direct benefit to the beneficiaries through its mega health camps, workshops & intensive community outreach activities for sensitizing the Masses about the most concerning issues related to MHM, WASH, Sexual Abuse, and prevention of life-threatening communicable diseases, HIV, COVID-19, STDs, family Planning & Gender Equality.

Government authorities  have immensely appreciated the multi-dimensional and in-depth research conducted by the organization on alarming scenarios and concerns of the society. 

  1. “Trafficking and Forced Prostitution of Young Girls as Domestic Workers” by Placement Agencies 
  2. The plight of Slum females, Muslim minorities, and their direct relation in spreading life-threatening communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS. 
  3. Sashakt Divyang- An initiative focussing on the atrocities with persons with disabilities, Increasing crime and lack of awareness about rights of PwD's among them and society. 
  4. Covid’19 and its tragic impact on the lives, livlehood and rights of sex workers
  5. LBGTQ communities and their crisis of identity 
  6. Inconvenient health infrastructure and PWDS’ - Highlighting the challenges faced by persons with disabilities at the times of COVID19
  7. How the wave of pandemic affected the  vulnerable section of our society, showcasing the lack of required resources , knowledge and provisions in each case.
  8. Traditional and culture a new way of social reformation – promoting ideas instilling social upliftment through cultural framework. 
  9. Sustainable living and high thinking – The only way to preserve society ( An holistic approach to service of humanity)