Covid-19 Rahat Seva


Support to give Milk for Newborns of Domestic workers who lost jobs in pandemic

Donate To Give Dry Ration for Domestic Workers Who Lost Jobs In Pandemic


The virus is spreading faster than ever before in India. The scenes of suffering are hard to look at. Everyday living is disrupted. It can be clearly stated that not only the entire population of the country is severely affected but there has been a surge of unemployment, downfall of the economy, rising violence against women, increasing poverty and the collapse of the health care infrastructure of India. The most vulnerable are the labourers and domestic workers. Lockdown puts restrictions on their movement which further restricts their work which results in job loss. And when that happens, how are these people supposed to feed their families? The situation now is so fragile that families are finding it hard to even get milk for the newborn babies in their families.


Support and Donate milk for the newborn babies of the domestic workers who have lost their jobs in the pandemic.

Ladli Foundation Trust has been actively working on relief supplies by providing essentials like dry ration, milk, sanitary pads, masks and hand wash to the domestic workers and labourers in different slums of Delhi NCR.

More than 100 000 families have been benefited through relief activities and we continue to do so with the help of local police to identify the people who are in immediate need of support.


The idea behind Covid Rahat Sewa is to provide immediate relief to the most exposed people. By providing dry ration, milk for babies, and other essential commodities to the domestic workers and labourers who lost their job due to pandemic, we addressed the most concerning issues related to hunger and malnutrition in the time of crises. The relief supplies will help in maintaining the body's immune system to fight Covid19 and other life-threatening diseases. Taking care of the people in lower strata is always very important as it is directly correlated to the overall well-being and peace in the society. Otherwise, it might lead to some unwanted consequences like robberies, riots etc.

The significance of covid Rahat Sewa is to nurture a ray of hope in the society and give them strength to overcome the unprecedented situation of Covid19.

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