MHM Drive

Gift her a right to hygienic periods- Donate a pack of sanitary pads

You can be part of the cause where every drop she bleeds, her safety and hygiene is ensured. Your small contribution can bridge her a pathway to her menstrual hygiene. Be the change, be there.

The right to health is a fundamental right as guaranteed by the Constitution of India. Despite the legal backing, thousands of underprivileged females still struggle to access their prerogative to menstrual hygiene. There’s an appalling lack of most basic sanitary pads that could ensure effective management of menstrual cycle amongst women in rural areas. The lack of education, uncultured taboos and social shaming around periods has contributed to worsened period health of women where they’re using unsafe substitutes like ash, re-useable rags, cow dung etc. to manage their menstrual cycle. Ladli has thus far empowered millions of such underprivileged women by providing them access to safer management of their periods. With numerous successful campaigns, rural women have been educated about safe usage and disposal of sanitary pads. Join the movement and gift them the healthy life they deserve!

Preventive Healthcare Camp

Contribute in a medical check-up of an underprivileged girl

With great health, she can conquer the world. Uplift hundreds of under privileged women, girls and marginalized by securing their good health and give them the gift of life.

According to latest findings of WHO, one in every third woman has experienced physical, mental and sexual violence in her lifetime. Even after multiple women-centric legislations in place, their ineffective implementation has contributed in minimalistic displacement in status of women. Evils like domestic violence, rapes and sexual trafficking are still persistent and deny lucrative opportunities to women to create healthy and dignified lives for themselves.

Sheer lack of education and gender- sensitization has greatly contributed to the whopping cases of gender inequality and offences against women.

Oblivion to their sexual and reproductive rights, women in the marginalized communities are therefore, vulnerable to a number of health hazards, for example, anaemia, unwanted pregnancies, UTI, cancer and HIV. Imagine thousands of women living this nightmare everyday!

Through SAHELI, a rescue-platform for women, we seek to put a full-stop on these women atrocities.

Our social initiative is primarily designed to encourage and develop better sanitation and hygiene facilities for rural women and females in underprivileged sections of the society while imbibing in them, healthy and sustainable menstrual practices. The campaign will further educate women about importance of female hygiene and healthy living. The sensitization camps will be composed of sessions on good and bad touch, sexual harassment, eve teasing and knowledge about feminine hygiene along with the safe usage of personal hygiene kits, which will be the provision of Ladli Trust for them. It is designed to promote interactions among girls about gender issues to overcome taboos attached to menstruation and sexual well-being. The platform will encourage women to openly talk about sexual abnormalities and medical anomalies with their families in order to safeguard themselves and the society.

Support to Unmarried Women

Get a poor women, a happy married life

A happy family life is everyone’s bliss. Where hundreds of poor women remain unmarried due to lack of financial resources, you can bring their misfortune to an end. Contribute in marrying a daughter in a healthy home and support the cause.

Marriage is an exorbitant affair in India where the expenditure decides on the social ranking of a family due to which, it has become a great financial burden especially for the underprivileged section of the society. Founder of Ladli Foundation Trust has witnessed the lives of people living in slum areas from the most proximate realm. He has seen that position of women in these areas is pitiable and lower than that of animals.

Destitution is so deeply rooted that to get their daughters married at their desirable age and over it, in a dignified family has become only a mirage away from reality. While the birth of a male child is celebrated with gala festivities, that of a female baby is still mourned upon further widening the sex ratio gap. Social evils such as dowries has created such a position that female feticide is at an all-time rise.

Destitution is so deeply rooted that to get their daughters married at their desirable age and over it, in a dignified family has become only a mirage away from reality. While the birth of a male child is celebrated with gala festivities, that of a female baby is still mourned upon further widening the sex ratio gap. Social evils such as dowries has created such a position that female feticide is at an all-time rise.

Educate a slum kid

Uplift a slum kid- contribute in his education

Where every youth is educated, such nation prospers. An educated society can eradicate social evils, uproot criminal minds and take its subjects towards perpetual growth. Basic education is everyone’s right, yet millions of underprivileged kids have zero access to it. You can change the graph and help in building an educated nation by funding a slum kid’s education.

India has an estimated 46 million children between 6-18 years of age who should be in school but are working as child beggars and domestic help. Most of them have never had the chance to attend school or dropped out of even primary education due to financial deficiency. Even after Right to Education act, 2005 in place, the compulsory education granted therein has not been fully effectuated.

Underprivileged girls, in huge numbers are trafficked every year for sexual market, or married off to relieve financial burden. Nearly 23 million girls drop out of school every yeareven before they menstruate in India. UNESCO report reflects that 264 million slum children do not have guaranteed access to education, the number is only increasing as we talk about it.

Education is the only way to have a fully informed and cultured society. An excellent education equips children with the knowledge, skills, values, and mindsets that are required to empower the youth for holistic development of the nation.

Be the rehab- Support a boy in getting de-addicted to drugs

A drug-free living is healthy living

Let’s save the youth from the vicious clutches of drug addiction, let’s show them the path of happiness and well-being. Your support can bring a change in the lives of millions of young boys.

Involving young boys and juveniles into sports and community outreach activities with the support of local police to sensitize and motivate them about gender equality, substance abuse, youth orientation, and skill development and creating employment opportunities for them can make them assets to society. The key features of this project are Street Plays, Marathon Events, Dance Trainings, Competitions and sports tournament which would engage the young boys in physical acitivties keeping them away from drugs and other psychotropic substance.

It proves to be an effective tool in channelising their energies in constructive physical activities, keeping them away from, substance abuse, gender-based violence and other crime against women. The association with local police and its community policing initiative like YUVA with Delhi Police has made it revolutionary in terms of providing them skill training with lucrative job placements. Involvement of beneficiaries in community policing initiative creates a positive social image by restoring their dignity which helps to bring them in the mainstream. The agenda is to provide them with mental fitness, physical fitness and a socially composite perosnality. Our playgrounds will serve as rehabilitation centers in which children will be welcomed to play kabaddi and dance. This inclusion technique will act as a therapy to heal their life deeply wounded by drugs. Therefore, we have introduced this Program to target a certain group of heterogeneous people who can’t reach out about their drug abuse wherein nothing better than sport activities will encourage them to give up drugs and adopt a healthy lifestyle.