In an effort to combat drug addiction among the youth population, a project was launched with the primary goal of engaging young boys and juveniles in sports activities. The program aimed to divert their attention away from substance abuse and channel their energy into psychologically, physically, and socially productive endeavors. This project, initiated by the Ladli Foundation in collaboration with the Delhi Police, employed the M.D.I. formula of psychological counseling: Motivate, Divert, and Involve.

The project recognized the importance of motivation as a driving force for positive change. By instilling a sense of purpose and ambition in the young participants, the program aimed to inspire them to make better choices and pursue healthy lifestyles. Through counseling sessions and mentorship, the youth were encouraged to envision a brighter future and understand the negative consequences of drug addiction.

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A key aspect of the program was diversion, which involved redirecting the participants' focus towards sports and orientation activities. By providing them with opportunities to engage in physical activities such as sports, the program aimed to divert their attention from substance abuse. These activities served as outlets for their energy, enabling them to develop discipline, teamwork, and a sense of achievement.

The launch of the project was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals, including Ms. MC Mary Kom, the World Amateur Boxing Champion, and Mr. Amulya Patnaik, the Commissioner of Police, Delhi. Their support and involvement underscored the significance of the initiative and provided inspiration for the participating youth.

Overall, the program proved highly beneficial, with over 4,000 boys and juveniles reaping the rewards of the project. Through their engagement in sports activities and the guidance provided by psychological counseling, these individuals were able to divert themselves from the path of drug addiction and instead embrace a healthier, more productive lifestyle

Furthermore, through the program's holistic approach, participants were encouraged to explore their talents and interests beyond sports, promoting personal growth and self-discovery.